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Our Culture

Work Hard. Help Others.

At CERTIFIED AUDITORS Company, we care about success. But it's not just the success of our firm or clients that matters to us; it's the success of our people who make the day-to-day of this business possible. That's why we're passionate about bringing together talented individuals and giving them the tools, they need to succeed. Our values were explicitly created to align with who we are today, empowering our employees to deliver extraordinary service and be their best selves. Our commitment to both excellence and balance is what sets our culture apart.

We understand and appreciate that the challenges you face today are increasing in severity and complexity, and these challenges will only continue to evolve. Our steadfast objective is to stay steps ahead of your existing challenges so we can help you prepare, avoid or solve problems that are around the corner. We are trained and experienced to provide this proactive approach, while knowing how to best keep you 100% compliant. And As a business owner, you can continue to compete and grow, as a financial officer within an organization, you can make better business decisions and recommendations; and as an individual who is working hard to accumulate wealth for yourself and your family, you can take comfort in knowing that we are always accounting for your future.

Be a less boring accounting firm

Tradition is confining; sameness is stifling. We embrace adaptability, ingenuity, and innovation with a fresh brand of business.

Work Together

We're committed to thinking about "us" rather than "me." We play well together, challenge one another, and celebrate each other's unique paths. We collaborate, communicate, and coordinate, bringing together our talents as a singular voice.

Create Simplitiy

Work, life, and the world around us are complex. Knowing our clients' goals and endgame, we simplify complicated aspects of their lives so they can focus on what's most important to them. We create clarity, communicate straightforwardly, and enable ease as an organization.

Care Deeply

To do what we do well, we must care to our core. Care about our work, clients, community, the firm, and each other. We must connect authentically, listen well, and be thoughtful with our actions.

Evolve Daily

Progress and learning keep us at the top of our game. Whether finding a more efficient way to do something or adopting a fresh solution to a problem, continuous development is foundational to who we are.

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