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Fraud and Forensic Services

In today’s fast changing world, organizations need to effectively manage the costs and risks of complying with new regulations and enforcement activity whilst taking advantage of market opportunities.

We help assess, design, and implement internal controls and compliance programs to mitigate vulnerabilities to fraud, corruption and misconduct and assist in the prevention, detection, and response to fraud, corruption, waste, abuse, and other forms of misconduct.

We understand that helping clients meet their business challenges, manage risk, maintain trust and navigate the dangers of costly and disruptive litigation and investigations begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they work. We bring together industry experience matched with our forensic accountants, investigators, compliance practitioners,  to better meet the distinct needs of our clients and deliver real results.

As criminal and commercial threats to organizational integrity proliferate, preventative action and effective, measured responses become critical.

Fraud, corporate crime, commercial disputes, litigation, and growing data security and regulatory requirements can imperil your organization’s integrity and reputation, undermine confidence, and attract regulatory intervention as well as negative media attention.

Certified auditors offers robust, practical advice supporting organizations in the prevention, detection and response to criminal and fraudulent activity and assisting you to reduce exposure to commercial loss through effective dispute resolution.

By applying forensic techniques, investigation, and industry skills we can help prevent and resolve commercial disputes, fraud, misconduct, and breaches of rules and regulations.

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