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Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

Fraud, maleficence, misappropriation, or corruption! It matters not the word used, the outcome is the loss of assets through dishonesty. It may be a dishonest employee, a person in a fiduciary capacity, a business partner or a scam perpetrated by a person outside of the business.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, there is more of this activity present than we would like to see. Fraud costs all parties involved from the business owners to consumers, depending upon the circumstances.

Fraud is a legal concept and only upon the order of guilt by a court of law is a person convicted of fraud. We have performed investigations into activities which lend evidence to assist in proving fraud. We have been involved in many investigations of alleged fraud and corruption and have prepared reports on the outcome of the investigation providing evidence of fraud. Our team have the knowledge and skill to assist in fraud detection and prevention.

Certified auditors provides two main services in this area. They are:

1. Fraud prevention, whereby accounting and business controls are assessed to ascertain the effectiveness of them on the prevention of fraud. When necessary, additional or replacement controls are added to aid in the safeguarding of your assets.

2. Fraud detection whereby we conduct a fraud examination of the areas where fraud is thought to be perpetrated to gather evidence of opportunity, rationalization, and pressure and to quantify the amount of the loss due to the fraud.

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