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Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering occurs when criminals disguise the origins and ownership of funds to legitimize illicit activities. Anti-Money laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing legislation means that there are stringent obligations that need to be met.

Terrorism can be financed from the proceeds of illicit activities, but also through legitimate funding sources.

Failure to maintain effective AML/CTF systems can result in the unwitting support of the aims of terrorists or other criminal enterprises, regulatory intervention resulting in substantial monetary penalties, and reputational damage.



How we can help

Certified auditors forensics AML/CTF professionals help clients understand how money launderers and the financiers of terrorism could be exploiting vulnerabilities in their organizations.

We work with clients to identify, manage and mitigate their AML/CTF risk exposures in line with legislative requirements and industry better practice.

Our services include:

AML/CTF risk assessments

Readiness and Health Check reviews

AML/CTF program design, build and execution

Design and delivery of AML/CTF training programs

Employee due diligence

Supply chain programs.

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