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Business Appraisal

The reasons for needing a valuation of your business, business interest, range from the need to know its value for a sale or purchase transaction, for tax purposes, for litigation matters, among many. The dedicated valuation professionals at certified auditors possess the credentials, experience, and desire to value your asset for any purpose you require.

certified auditors provides valuation services to companies ranging in size from small closely held businesses to large publicly traded businesses. The same basics involved with the determination of value apply to businesses of all sizes. No business is too large or too small. We have provided valuation assistance for the following purposes:

Valuation for business transaction assistance (entity value)

Valuation for financial reporting (compliance with IFRS)

Valuation for taxation

Valuation of ESOP owned companies (yearly compliance)       

Valuation for litigation assistance (expert consultant)


The services performed by our team of appraisers include valuation of closely held businesses and business interests, valuation of thinly traded public stock and restricted shares of public stock, valuation of stock derivatives, valuation of intangible assets, valuation of debt instruments and preferred stock, and valuation of asset holding entities. Partnering with certified auditors provides the qualitative benefits associated with large valuation firms, coupled with timely decision making and reasonable fees. The provision of quality solutions is our strong suit.

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