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Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Liquidation

In any bankruptcy, restructuring, or liquidation proceeding, your valuation and advisory team’s expertise is critical in maintaining the confidence of all parties involved. Whether you are filing o liquidate your assets or reorganizing, certified auditors can provide the appraisals and valuations that will hold up to the highest levels of scrutiny.

 We have years of experience successfully working with public and private businesses of all sizes.

Starting with a reliable valuation, we will ensure you and your management team will have the tools and strategies in place to make smart decisions. A well-written valuation can assist you with creditor negotiations and provide the framework you need for your reorganization or liquidation plan.

It is important to assess how much is available to your business’s secured and unsecured creditors and determine the value left for equity holders.

We’ve also assisted courts, and attorneys with matters involving avoidable liability and transactions,   disputed claims, lender liability. We have also acted as court-appointed receiver of the business and have assisted with the preparation of monthly operating reports.

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